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3rd Annual
Virtual 5K Challenge
May 20-22, 2022
Opening Ceremony will be live-streamed 
on Facebook on May 20th at 9AM

Adults: $30
Kids 12 & under: $20

Thanks to our platinum sponsors! 

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Thank you to all our other sponsors! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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2022 5K Meg.jpeg

About this year's 5K  •  #megstrong

This years 5k is in honor of two forever Unicorns. We met the Bresocnik family through the worst nightmare any parent can face. Now, both of our families have come together to honor our girls. Here is a little about Kendall's story:


It was April 12, 2020. Easter Sunday. That's when the doctor shattered our world with news that hit us like a runaway freight train. Kendall had been dealing with balance and coordination issues since the new year. We had been told it was inflammation of her cerebellum, caused by a treatable form of ADEM. Months passed. Steroid treatments endured. We had no reason to think the worst. "I wish I had better news for you," he said. We heard words like: Grade 3 glioma...inoperable...I'm very sorry...nothing we can do.

Kendall Marissa Bresocnik was the perfect child. The exact kind every parent hopes for. She was a happy, silly 7 year old who loved going to school, loved her friends and peers. She was the most selfless, caring person I ever met. Always putting the needs and concerns of others before her own, Kendall wanted to help. Whatever it was, whomever was there, her first instinct was always to tend to others. She enjoyed attending dance classes, and playing "school" to her "Wellie Wishers". She enjoyed marking up the driveway with sidewalk chalk. We had just taken the training wheels off her bike that summer and she looked forward to getting her first big girl bike. But that was not to be. No one knew we only had the next 34 days with her.

No one thinks it'll happen to them....until it does. We didn't choose to be ambassadors to this cause- the cause chose us! Losing a child is pure torture - a life sentence we wouldn't wish on anyone. That's why we fight. We choose to do our part to defeat this monster so that no parent has to endure child loss due to brain cancer. Because that's what Kendall would have done.

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